Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 3!

Can you say Italian Market and Lancaster County?  Yep, that's what we did today.  I truly think I can say I'm eating my way through Pennsylvania! 

We started the day by visiting the 9th Street Italian Market which is one of the oldest outdoor markets in America.  Even though the weather was a little drizzly, we still had an amazing time and my friend Kathy even got a marriage proposal.  His claim to fame was that he was 42 years old; can sing and dance, and is house broken!  He was adorable but unfortunately she wasn't having anything to do with that!!

Some of my favorites were the cheese and pasta shops, fresh produce stands, and of course the cheesesteak sandwiches.  Here are a few pictures from the market:

This store had it all...cheese, pasta, olives and peppers!

These are provolone cheese logs as big as me!!

Live poultry, oh my.  These poor birds will be someones dinner!  Aww, thank goodness it was stinky in there or I might have rescued a few.

...and to be true to Philadelphia, you must have a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich.  But which do you choose, Pat's or Geno's?  They are across the street from each other and even Kathy's own family can't agree on which is the best.  Today we chose Pat's since it's Kathy's favorite. 

I've decided that there must be a taste test before I leave this city so that I can pick my favorite too...Geno's here I come!

Yes, there is also ordering etiquette.  I let Kathy order for me since this whole thing is a little intimidating and she was able to hold her own, I might add.

Here's my steak... wit-out, provolone, no sauce.  Yumm-o.

Next stop was Lancaster County.  We tasted wines at the Twin Brook Winery and went through several antique shops which had wonderful items but extremely high priced compared to home. I also got my gawking in at horses and buggy's and picturesque farm land. What a beautiful place!

It can't be a trip to Amish country without at least trying Shoo-fly pie.  We looked everywhere and not a Shoo-fly pie in sight until one of the last towns we visited, Goodville I believe.  We finally got to try the regular and chocolate versions in a tart form along with a pumpkin whoopie pie.  I can now go back to Central Oregon complete!

Until tomorrow...