Monday, April 30, 2012

Philly Trip: Day 2

Wow, what a whirlwind of a day!  I'm sure we walked at least 10 miles, well maybe not 10, but my hips are telling me we walked a alot!

We started the day by visiting Independence Hall and touring through the Assembly Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed.  We also visited the section of the Hall where congress met and saw some of the original furniture they used in the 1700's!  Here are a few pics:

Next stop was the Liberty Bell.  It's not as big as I thought it would be but boy is it impressive! I did get my picture taken by it but I'll save that one for the scrapbook!

On the way to the Betsy Ross House, we stopped by Ben Franklin's post office and print shop.  The book store was closed but the print shop was very cool.  They even print souvenirs on the old printing presses for a price, of course!  They know a sucker from Oregon when they see one because they got me for $5.

The Betsy Ross House was very cool.  You aren't actually supposed to take pictures in it but shhhh, I did it anyway.  I tried not to use my flash and thank goodness no one kicked me out.  The first picture is of the house which is very tiny. 

The next two pictures are of the inside of her house.  Her craft room looks very similar to mine...messy! lol.  The final picture is of the granite step and walkway in the house.  Very, very old and worn. Just amazing.

After visiting the Betsy Ross House and burial site, we walked over to the Christ Church Burial ground where Ben Franklin and four other Constitution signers are buried.  It truly is a beautiful old cemetary and unfortunately many of the tombstones are so weathered you can't read the head stones any longer.  Still worth the $2 to tour it.

Next stop China Town and then Reading Terminal for lunch and a little shopping.  Reading Terminal is probably one of the coolest places to shop I've been in a very long time. I loved seeing all of the specialty foods and cheese, gifts, and fresh produce.

Ok, couple more stops and then this post will be done! he-he.  After lunch we walked over to the Pennsylvania Hospital and took a self-guided tour of the historic library and the first surgical amphitheatre.  It's hard to believe that they did surgery in that room with as many as 300 people watching the case.  Not only did they not use sterile technique but for many of the years, they didn't even use anesthesia, except on women who they didn't think were as tough as men!

 Behind all of the glass doors are books, many books.  Many are so old that their bindings are falling apart.  Wow, another one of those awe inspiring moments and probably my favorite from the trip so far and I saw alot of cool stuff today!

We did manage to squeeze in a little driving and a quick trip to the Sugarhouse Casino for me to lose $20.  Dinner was at one of my favorite places, ever...Hard Rock Cafe. 

Thanks for stopping by!