Friday, August 29, 2008

I did it...I finally got to go deep sea fishing!

I've been wanting to do it forever and finally got to go. Dave gave me this trip as an anniversary gift this year and I was so excited...until he and some other guys talked about how sick they all get on the ocean. That, of course, made me doubt myself and my ability to handle the trip without puking the whole way. I bravely loaded up on Dramamine, boarded the Captain Hook, and hoped for the best. Guess what?? No nausea, no puking, and I caught lots of fish! What a blast and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Here's some pictures:

Here's me with my big catch. The Captain said they are black cod (they look like bass to me but heck I don't know the difference). I'm just excited because I caught enough to bring home some nice fillets.

Look at these pictures of the Newport Bay Bridge. I made them black and white because I think they look so cool that way. Wow, it is amazing to see it from the bottom up!

Hello ocean...I've missed you!

We spent the past few days at the beach for a little mini-vacation. Man, I've missed it! The weather was beautiful except for the second morning when it was a little rainy but that didn't last long and the sunshine broke through the clouds. Gabe had a blast playing on the beach in the tide pools and picking up treasures in the sand. Here are a few pictures of our adventure:

How about a nice shot of freezing cold water up the back of your shorts?!?

And last but not least there has to be some sort of red-neck adventure in our family and this trip was no different...

You might be a redneck if you park on the beach with a Saran-wrapped elk head mount in the back because you are afraid somebody will steal's the proof:

Monday, August 25, 2008

Are you ready for a Sneaky Peeky??

Cindy has posted the September "Poppy Hill" kit sneak peeks over at Citrus Tree Studio. Wowee, it's one cool kit so you'll want to pick this one up when it goes on sale September 5th!

Here's my sneak peek...

One important note on this one is that the stickles and the gems are from my own stash.

Good Times with Friends and Family

After the air show on Saturday, we took a trip over to Dan and Nancy's house for an end-of-summer BBQ. Dave's mom was there and so was Nancy's parents, Sonny and June. I sure enjoy their company. It was a great time and the evening ended with Marcy and Nancy belting out some Karaoke. Too fun! Gabe was so tired when it was time to leave that he crawled up into his own car seat without a fuss.

Geez, do I always have something in my mouth?? LOL

Airshow of the Cascades

On Saturday we went to the air show and I couldn't believe how many planes there were this year compared to the time we went before. I sure enjoyed walking around checking out all of the old military planes and my favorites were the war planes from the 40's. Very cool. Of course they had several of those bouncy things for the kids to play on at $1.50 a ride. Grr, they sure know how to get you in the pocket! I did get some cute pictures though...

Take a look at this picture of Gabe in the National Guard Tank. He looked scared to death and the soldier guy was really nice to him but he's so darn shy!

Here's proof that I really do exist...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Challenges posted at Citrus Tree

I just have to show you the layout I created for my Art Inspiration Challenge over at Citrus Tree. I used paint for the background instead of patterned paper and added a touch of lace cardstock and some doodling. Turned out pretty cool! Even though I say this about most of my new stuff this one is now one of my new favorites:

If you get a chance stop in at Citrus Tree and introduce yourself. Cindy is giving away some really cool stuff all month long!

Citrus Tree Studio

I'm designing for this wonderful new site called Citrus Tree Studio. I am amazed at the talent of the design team at CTS and am so thankful to have been invited by Cindy to be a part of her new adventure.

The August kit is called "Sunshine Daydream" is currently for sale. At first, I was thinking, "how in the heck am I ever going to get boy layouts out of this kit?" but I pulled it off and am really proud of some of my new stuff. Take a look at this kit!

Here is some of the layouts I created with it:

Ok, so I admit they aren't all boy layouts but it shows you what this kit can do!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jefferson County Fair

As usual the fair seems to get smaller and smaller each year but this year it was the most fun because Gabe had a blast! He finally figured out what the carnival was all about and the $25 investment we made to purchase an "all day" bracelet for the rides paid off in a big way. He rode the majority of the rides with his cousins but I managed to get him to go on the Ferris Wheel with me. I haven't done that in a long time and wow, it was fun! Here's some of the pictures:

Look at this picture of Tanner, isn't he a cutie? As usual there's a swarm of girls around him and his friends. Ugh, he is sooo 15.

Tanner helped us decorate the hospital fair float this year and he even walked along side me to hand out goodies. I know he's going growl at me for posting this picture of he and Gabe but I just couldn't resist!