Friday, May 4, 2012

Final Day in Philadelphia

It's hard to believe I'm already home.  I missed blogging about yesterday's travels as we spent a lovely evening with Kathy's friends Carol and Paul.  Paul was kind enough to tour me through the flower beds and garden on their lovely property while Carol made us an amazing dinner.  A warm thank you to my new friends.

So yesterday.  Yesterday was another one of those overwhelming days of absolute beauty. After Kathy humored me (once again) and let me climb the Rocky steps at the Philadelphia Art Museum and pose with the Rocky Statue, we toured Longwood Gardens. Longwood Gardens date back to the 1700's but the biggest contributor was Pierre du Pont, who was an industrialist, conservationist, and farmer.  You can read more about the gardens here.

This place was spectacular.  There were so many flowers in bloom including many that aren't native to Oregon.  I think the Wisteria was my favorite but the conservatory was amazing as well.  We walked through the greenhouses for at least an hour and I'm still not sure we saw it all! 

Here are some of the pictures...I'll start with Rocky since I enjoyed making an absolute fool of myself! ha-ha. The Philadelphia Art Museum is huge with a whole lot of steps!


Yep, I actually did it.  I didn't run up the steps but I did jump...!

Now here are some of the pictures of Longwood Gardens.  I took over 200-- so you are only going to see some of my favorites. 

Me and my friend Kathy.  Isn't this a good picture of us?  Love it.

Thanks for letting me share my vacation with you and a huge thank you to Kathy for sharing her city with me!