Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pilly Trip!

We had an amazing first day on our trip to Philadelphia!  I am in absolute awe of the fabulous architecture of the row houses, the old buildings, and the beautiful city.  Today we we toured around the Schuylkill River area, Valley Forge Park, and ate dinner in a fun little Irish pub in Manayunk.  Here are a few pictures from our travels...

The  beautiful Philly skyline

 Japanese Gardens

Washington's Headquarters at Valley Forge.  We were able to tour the inside and saw the rooms set up how they think they may have looked back then.  The kitchen was my favorite...especially the brick oven!

These are replicas of the cabins used by Washington's elite guard.  They are super small with tiny little bunks.

 The next few pictures were taken at the Valley Forge Memorial Chapel.  This is another one of those awe inspiring places!

 And finally a few shots along the Schuylkill River.  Boat House row was incredible as many of those buildings had dates from the 1800's on them.  Earlier in the day we saw the rowing teams practicing on the river in the scull boats.

Just a cool pucture of some scull boats..

The backside of the Philadelphia Art Museum and the Water Works along the river at dusk.  Beautiful huh?!

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!!


Mary Jo said...

Tammy - those are great photos!!
Makes me interested in Philadelphia :)