Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Tiny Toot for Me

I got some good news last week that one of my layouts was selected for the Basic Grey on-line gallery. It's not a huge toot but at least I feel like I'm starting to get my name out there in the scrapbooking design world a little more. The layout selected was the "Gabe Angel" layout with the title My Angel on it. It is posted below and is one of the trapping layouts. I've done many more layouts since my last post. Not all are blog worthy but here's a few of my latest projects:

Altering items and card making is not my strength so I'm going to work at it a little harder. This little tin turned out pretty cute.

"Face Full of Snow" is a layout I did for a color challenge at Scrapbook Dreamer. The combination of Stickles, felt, and Jolee's snowflakes came out really fun.

This is Gabe's air guitar. Gabe is so much like Dave...what a couple of goobers! At least they're both a never ending source of entertainment!

Finally, I love this picture of Joan and Bill. I have been waiting for just the right paper to scrap this picture and I wanted to make sure that I created a layout about Gabe's "Dufur Grandma".

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Grungeboard is cool!

The swirly hearts on this layout are grungeboard. It is the coolest stuff! It feels almost like leather but holds paint and ink like chipboard. It is a "must purchase" in my opinion (of course so is everything else scrappy!).

Saturday, February 9, 2008

My computer is giving me a headache!

Don't ya just hate that? I know just enough about computers to make me dangerous! OK, so now that Blogger is accepting my cookies again, I can upload two of my newest layouts for you to see:

My photo of this one is a little crooked (kind of like I'm feeling right now because of my computer) but I did get "Pick of the Day" with it at Scrapbook Dreamer. I still keep saying to myself...only in Dufur.

"My Funny Valentine" is a very simple layout but with all of the busy paper I didn't want to add too many embellishments. These new Sandylion papers are great for Valentine layouts.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

You know you're a redneck when...

You use a Toyota bedliner and a canoe for a sled. Here's the proof:

...and the winner for the day is Dave "the body surfer" Wilson! Ok, there really is a sled under him but you sure wouldn't know it from the pictures.

One last one...

Ok, I think I'm done scrapping for the weekend! Here's the latest layout using the sunset trapping pictures:

Now, were headed over to Duf to go sledding at Jim and Alex's house. Should be tons of fun! Hopefully I'll get some good pictures and post them later today.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Here's the trapping pictures scrapped...

Since I only have boys, I love to sneak flowers in anywhere I can. The country song "Don't Blink" sure seemed appropriate for a title to this layout. I feel very lucky to have been there at this moment in time to snap these pictures. I could have easily stayed home and missed this opportunity.

I call this one "Gateway Sunset". It is a little more boyish but sure took me a long time to finish. I couldn't get the title right so I just left it off and used a quote from Henry David Thoreau instead. It just seemed to fit.