Friday, December 24, 2010


It sure has been nice to be on vacation for a week. It's allowed me to get caught up on all of the traditions of the holidays as well as spend some quality time with Gabe. We've been sledding, baking, building snowmen, and shopping until we drop. lol

It's not Christmas time without baking gingerbread cookies. As usual I ask myself why I keep doing this every year but I always come up with the same answer... it's not Christmas without them. Here are a few pictures of my little helper...

Hmm, look what happens when I turn around...It's a gingerbread snowman!! lol

Gabe even helped decorate...

Just some fun pictures of our snow adventures. My favorite part was building the snowman with Gabe!

Thanks for stopping by!


patti west said...

love that Gabe is on the counter w/the cookie cutter and he looks so cute in his carhartt overalls! we wear them here too! happy holidays, Tammy! :)