Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Fun

Look at this cool egg, fun huh? Gabe and his little friend Sydney colored eggs and decorated sugar cookies together on Friday night. They had a combination of the regular egg dye and some you paint on with a sponge. I loved how the sponged eggs looked when the kids were done with them...much better than the rubber bands and crayons Jason and I used growing up!

I think my baby is growing up. I was getting ready for our Easter dinner and I overheard Gabe ask Dave..."Dad, tell me the truth. WHO IS the Easter Bunny?" All I could do was quietly laugh and wait for Dave's response. Thank goodness he's on his toes because he told him, "I don't know but he's big, white, and fluffy". First it will be the Easter Bunny, then no Santa Claus and before we know it...he'll be a teenager. Why do they have to grow up?

The Easter bunny was up early again this year and as you can tell from the pictures, Gabe was too. We were out tromping through the yard at o'dark-thirty, freezing our butts off, all in the name of fun. Look where the Easter bunny hid one of the eggs. Priceless.

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