Monday, October 12, 2009

Early Birthday Party for Gabe

Even though Gabe's birthday isn't until Thursday we thought we'd have a small family get together yesterday. Who knows...I'm sure we'll probably drag this one out clear through next weekend by the time we get done with the school party and hopefully a little family party with Dave's family.
I wasn't thrilled with Gabe's cake but it was last minute and he didn't care what the lady whipped out for him at Walmart.

For those of you who don't know Tanner very well...this is his new style. He thinks it's cool and I think it's a disaster. It's only hair right?!?

...Jaron came down too...

...and this is how I get through family get togethers. Cheers!


mustangkayla said...

Too cute Tammy! Love that last picture of you! Looks like Gabe enjoyed his birthday!

patti west said...

We all need a little sip every now & again! Wicked cute pic of you!! Happy Birthday to Gabe. :)