Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Golf lessons

Golf, can you believe it? I don't golf and neither does Dave but Gabe is taking golf lessons. I'm pretty sure he won't turn out to be the next Tiger Woods but he is having a good time. I think his favorite thing to do is roll around in the grass and practice placing his ball on the tee!

Tomorrow night will be his final night. They have a Jr. Tournament planned with a BBQ and award ceremony...I'll take lots of pics to share but for now, here are a few layouts. The first one is for Angie's Ad Challenge over at Citrus Tree Studio.

I think Gabe was a little tired this night...what do you think? Look carefully, he really is holding up the two finger peace sign! LOL

The second layout is for the photography challenge at Scrapbook Dreamer. The focus needed to be on outdoor photos. You can't get more outdoors than the driving range. Thanks for stopping by!


Melanie H said...

I hope he is enjoying it Tammy, he looks like he is having fun int eh second layout.

Beautiful layouts, I love the flags you used on the journalling block.

Debbie Sherman said...

How fun! I love golf and it's a fun sport even though it looks boring it's extremely challenging!