Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend projects

Why is it that my weekend projects always turn into huge, multi-week affairs? This year I decided I wanted raised beds for my vegetable garden instead of the great big flat garden I usually have. I figured that once in place it should be much less up keep in the end. Who knows if that is true but it sure has been a lot of work. Thank goodness Dave loves me otherwise he may have divorced me over this one! LOL

What I thought would be a weekend project has taken us two weekends and the drip system still isn't quite right. Tanner has been running the Bobcat for us filling the boxes and has gotten quite skilled at it. The Bobcat is controlled with joy sticks and foot peddles so I'm guessing all those video games he plays has paid off. Here's a few photos from this weekend.
Tanner waiting for the next box to be placed...

These are the boxes. There are 20 of them ranging in size from 4X12 feet to 4X4.6 feet. We made them those sizes so they would fit together like a puzzle with 3 foot walkways in between. Make sense?

Our little mud monkey.

Yep, he's all boy!


Melanie H said...

Your garden puzzle looks wonderful. I had a giggle at Gabe's feet. lol