Sunday, March 8, 2009


Trust me, I'm not a perfectionist but there are just some things about my layouts that drive me crazy. Unfortunately, I can't manage to leave them alone sometimes until I know they are "just right"--for whom? ...who knows. Certainly not anyone but me in most cases.

So what I'm talking about are these next two layouts. I created both of them for Scrapbook Dreamer this month. I uploaded them to the gallery and during that process I decided I didn't like something about each of them. The first one was the font of the lettering in the bottom part of the title. I changed it to a different style of Thickers and now I finally like it.

This next one was all about the picture placement. I had it too high and once I moved it down a little it made me happier.

I enjoyed working with the Basic Grey Marrakech line this month. The colors of the paper are so bright and vibrant. I'm not usually a Basic Grey fan but I give this line two thumbs up.


mustangkayla said...

Fabulous layouts Tammy! Is the word 'anything' a thicker? LOVE that font!

Melanie H said...

I love the font of "everything" too.

I love Lola, Lola's photos always makes me smile.

Fantastic layouts Tammy.