Friday, February 13, 2009

It's been a while...

Since I've given you an update on Peck and Pearl. Peck and Pearl have basically become our family mascots. They are our official "greeters" when anyone comes to our house and they are quite nosy about it too. I have to admit that I enjoy them running up to the fence grunting and squealing to greet me every evening and can't imagine how they could ever become dinner.

Ok, so funny story about Peck and Pearl. When I got home this evening the pigs were laying out in the middle of the pen in the snow. They had completely destroyed their straw house...I'm pretty sure they didn't huff and puff to knock it over (sorry, I couldn't resist! LOL) but never the less they made a pretty big mess. When Dave got home he rebuilt their house making it bigger and used a board for the roof. They seemed happy with that for the moment.

A while later, Dave was sitting at the kitchen table and he says "look at that crazy pig!" We both peeked out the window since you don't dare open the door because when they hear you they come running. Pearl was standing on top of the pig house...right above Peck! She is so heavy now that the plywood board was sagging and I just knew she was going to break it and kill Peck. I ran to grab my camera, slipped on Dave's shoes and took off out the door to save Peck from sure death. Thank goodness he was smart enough to get out from under her! Eventually Pearl took a header off the roof and came over to greet me. Geez, the saga never ends with those two! Gotta love the life of a pig farmer.

That's Pearl on the left and Peck is the one with the big ears on the right. Aren't they cute?


mustangkayla said...

Thats hillarious Tammy! I think you need to start and album about the many adventures of Peck and Pearl and start off with a page of Dave driving around with them in the back of his truck!