Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bad Blogger....

I sure haven't been keeping up very well lately! Lot's of things have happened since I've blogged last...Gabe turned 5, we carved pumpkins and trick-or-treated, Tanner got his first letter for football (as a Sophomore) and we've had a few successful hunting trips.

October and November have been extremely busy for me on all fronts of my life including my job. Next week I find myself thrust into the interview process for an executive level nursing position at the hospital. Now mind you, it is a direction that I never thought I would go with my career but it is amazing what others see in you that you don't see in yourself. Wish me luck and lots of courage.

Finally, the latest installment in the pig farmer saga...Pearl has been sick. Very sick. She had the scours, and must have had them for a while, because while I was in Colorado she totally lost her appetite and dropped a ton of weight. Dave, bless his heart (NOT!), left me with a sick pig to take care of while he went elk hunting. I was so damn mad at him! Anyway, I asked a ton of questions and got some medicine for her but it wasn't helping. I've basically spent the past two weeks nursing her back to health and I think she's finally turned the corner. She's still a rack of bones but at least her appetite is coming back and runs to the fence to greet me now with her little Pearl oinks. I've since forgiven Dave because he's spent an equal amount of time laying in the pig crap nursing her back to health. Oh the life of a pig farmer...LOL!

Here is a handful of pictures from the past month:

This is Gabe with his new golf clubs that our friend phillip gave him for his birthday. Phillip is a great golfer and plans to teach Gabe how to play.

And some Halloween pics:

Here's my little "Squibby Doo" as Gabe calls himself...

And finally...Tanner getting his letter for football...