Sunday, March 9, 2008

I have spring fever!

Wow, these really nice days have sure made it hard for me to stay inside and scrap! I think it's spring fever but could be just plain lazy...nahhh. So now that I'm over the devastation of feeling old because Jaron turned 21 this week I suppose my life can go on (LOL). Thank goodness I have still Tanner and Gabe to give me a few more years of scrapping!

Here's some of the layouts I've done this week:

This is the picture of Tanner and Kayla before Cinderella Ball.

I happened to be browsing through some of our Italy pictures the other night and ran across this picture of the little Italian man on the coast of Italy. For me he made the whole trip. This was Italy...he was Italy. Italy has huge cities, dirty streets, and amazing history. But my favorite part was the vineyards, lemon trees, and the beautiful people we met along the way. I kept this layout simple so that the picture of this man would stand out.

Finally, I struggled to find a picture for the "Together" photography challenge at Scrapbook Dreamer. I ran across this photo of Gabe and all of his grandmas when he was only a month old. A lot has changed since this picture was taken so I thought it would be worth creating a layout to document everything our family has been through. Besides, I was dying to use these new Bisous papers!